Lessons from Super Storm Sandy has led to monumental breakthrough in sensing technology. Based on the human nervous system (single neurons connected to each other constructing our central nervous system), our device, the Neuron, is a patented, linked, real-time single sensor that creates the central nervous system for the electric utility grid. NeuralNet, for today and tomorrow.





Martin Arellano

NN Web Image.png

By linking the Neurons together in a wireless mesh network, each Neuron is a node in building a typological map which displays the current “state of the grid”. The information displayed will assist electric grid engineers in optimizing the performance of electric power supply across the distribution portion on the electric grid. Outages and theft are reported in real time. Power quality factors are easily displayed and will inform the grid engineers to make fast and intelligent decisions. Those decisions will improve electric distribution and operating costs that translate into improved bottom line performance, thus, greater profitability for electric utilities. NeuralNet’s technology is built for the future for the coming distributed energy ecosystem.