hoplite power

Hoplite Power has built the ideal charging solution for sports stadiums, large venues, and events. We offer scalable networks for on-demand phone charging featuring Hoplite Hubs (smart kiosks) that vend Hoplites (rentable batteries). In addition to solving the charging problem, our offering serves as a unique out-of-home digital advertising and sponsorship platform allowing for interaction with and exposure to targeted audiences and demographics.

A dead smartphone means no connectivity; no web, no apps, no data, no streaming. People need a convenient way to charge their devices when out and about without being tied to one location or having to carry around a charger everywhere. As more sports teams and entertainment venues leverage digital technology to enhance the fan experience and interact with their customers, there is a real need for people to stay powered so they can stay connected.

Our proprietary Hoplite Hubs (autonomous vending kiosks) store, dispense, and automatically recharge Hoplites, which are our portable, rentable, slim and trim universal battery packs. Hoplites can be rented for up to 24 hours and can be returned to any Hub in the network. The Hubs and Hoplites support custom branding and sponsorship activations, which allow for advertisers and marketers to launch multi-layered and immersive campaigns.

We are targeting US pro sports facilities, theme parks, and other large venues, having identified 105+ locations that serve ~320M annual visitors (~$2.3B value). These environments attract high foot-traffic and customers with a willingness to spend, who also tend to be active on social media, stream content, take pictures, analyze stats, etc. (i.e., heavy phone users). Our users also comprise in-demand demographics for our advertising partners.

Our end users are credit-card holding, smartphone owners who value convenience and time-saving products and services; primarily people in the 18-50 demographic. These users pay per power bank rental as needed. On the business partnership side, we have seen stadiums, arenas, theme parks, music venues, hotels, and other heavy-foot-traffic locations prove to be valuable locations. Our pilot network rolled out 17 Hubs over 2 years in NYC with thousands of rentals and plenty of repeat customers. We have taken this initial network success to redesign the Hub for the venue market, which has resulted in a contract with NY Mets for 2019 season along with producing interest from other sports teams and venues.