Green Framework is a technology provider to the global maritime industry. Our role is to source or devise proven mechanisms, devices and products which are novel, but already found in other industries, and adjust them by reformulation or mechanical scaling, up to sizes required in real world shipping applications. The technologies we chose to work with are primarily concerned with the meaningful reduction of fuel consumption, as well as curbing emissions and pollution. Each technology shows a clear financial and ecological advantage to the ship owner as well as the global environment. 

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Energy is the key to any industry, and ships are no different. Huge advances in energy efficiency have been made in the mass motor markets where the economic pressures of fuel cost and environmental legislation have driven a more rapid development of effective technologies to address these pressures as well as provide competitive advantages for the companies that have been early adopters. Green Framework specializes in bringing proven, cost effective solutions to the shipping space by growing these technologies up to full ship scale. We are constantly in communication with specialized marine engineering professionals, academics and universities around the world to source and develop the product range that will power the next generation of cargo, cruise, military, fishing, research, tanker, ferry, support, towing, and SAR vessels.
Leveraging 30 years’ experience in many areas of the marine industry in Europe, the Far East and the Americas, we have built a substantial and deep network of shipping companies, technical service and chartering contacts. Having extensive backgrounds in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Marine Surveying, Ship and Port Operations, allows us to find the right people and partners to develop new technologies and innovative products both by working directly with the end user as well as bringing new opportunities to the industry as a whole. While products are being added as they pass scrutiny of our project induction team’s requirements, our product offerings grow. Green Framework are working on such diverse areas as: Fuel Grooming Systems (increasing the value and environmental profile of marine diesel fuels), HHO (hydrogen on demand, decreasing fuel use and emissions from ship engines), Catalytic Fuel Combustion Enhancer (reduces fuel usage and the most harmful of airborne particulates and emissions) Cyclonic Exhaust system (to reduce fuel use by allowing turbocharges to run at higher efficiencies). We provide the required expertise to assist and shepherd technology manufacturers through re-engineering, reformulation, classification society requirements, sea trial, and general acceptance. Once a product is ship ready Green Framework brings these products to the shipping community directly under the terms of specific market agreements with the manufacturers.