Spotlight on Clean Energy - CEBIP Fall 2017 Newsletter
ISSUE 4 - Fall 2017

Meet Our Newest CEBIP Clients

As new developments are made in the world of technology, the opportunity to improve efficiency, save energy and increase profitability continue to grow. Two of CEBIP’s newest clients, Green Framework and NeuralNet, offer unique real-world solutions to the increasing demand for smarter systems.

Green Framework specializes in bringing proven, cost effective solutions to the shipping space by growing these technologies up to full ship scale. As a technology provider to the global maritime industry, the company sources or devises proven mechanisms, devices and products and reformulates or mechanically scales them to sizes required in real world shipping applications. The technologies used are primarily concerned with the meaningful reduction of fuel consumption, as well as curbing emissions and pollution, with each showing a clear financial and ecological advantage to the ship owner as well as the global environment.
NeuralNet has developed a patented, linked, real-time single sensor that creates the central nervous system for the electric utility grid. Based on the construction of the human nervous system that links individual neurons into one structure, the NeuralNet creates a typological map that displays the current “state of the grid,” with outages and theft reported in real time.
Electric grid engineers can optimize the performance of electric power supply across the entire distribution portion on the electric grid. Power quality factors are displayed along with easy access to detailed reporting. This improves electric distribution and operating costs, resulting in greater profitability for electric utilities.

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In the Spotlight


Insights from CEBIP's Advisory Board

- Donna Tumminello
CEBIP Advisory Board
Assistant Director of Business Development
Office of Technology Licensing and Industrial Relations at Stony Brook University. 

It’s not enough to build a better mousetrap. If you want your idea to be a financial success, you have to know how to pitch its features and benefits to all the hungry cats out there.



Innovative heat pump saves energy while protecting the environment

- Paul Schwartz
CEO/Co-Founder, Thermolift

- Jonathan Haas
Senior Vice President, Thermolift

Whether the goal is to save energy, save money or save the environment, ThermoLift’s TC-Cycle™ air conditioner and cold climate heat pump holds...



Are we living in a capitalistic society?

- Carlo Brovero
Founder & CEO, StorEn

I often hear people questioning whether we live in a capitalist society or whether capitalism is the best economic model to deliver growth and well-being. Such questions have always triggered my curiosity. Given my commitment as CEO of an energy storage start-up, intending to pursue the typical path of all...


CEBIP in the News 

CEBIP members attended a game at Citi Field on August 22nd: Mets vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

“Another outstanding team building event with CEBIP friends and family!”
- David Hamilton, Executive Director at CEBIP

4 More Years for SBU Clean-Energy Incubator

Round two: Under the guiding hand of Executive Director David Hamilton, Stony Brook University's Clean Energy Business Incubator Program has earned new NYSERDA funding.


Old Friends, New Funds Have ThermoLift
Thinking Ahead

A shining star of Stony Brook University’s commercialization and innovation ecosystems is renewing ties with an old friend – and leveraging some fresh international funding – in its efforts to perfect its energy-efficient environmental-control systems.


Thermolift & GTI Ink Second Project Sponsored by National Consortium of Utilities

ThermoLift and Gas Technology Institute (GTI) have engaged in a second contract for collaboration with sponsorship funding from Utilization Technology Development (UTD) – a collaborative partnership of 18 natural gas distribution companies.


Re-Nuble Takes Home The American Entrepreneurship Award in Bronx, NYC

The American Entrepreneurship Award (AEA), a program created to support start-up businesses and entrepreneurs, has announced the winners of its second annual contest. 


Award-Winning Re-Nuble Lays Waste to Malnutrition

An outer-borough biotech with a Long Island lineage is racing to the head of the organic-fertilizer field.


CEBIP Battery Barons Inch Toward 76West Title

A Stony Brook battery business with European roots has made the cut in a state clean-energy contest.


StorEn Announced as one of Eight Finalists for 76West Clean Energy Competition

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced eight finalists for the $2.5 million 76West Clean Energy Competition in the Southern Tier. In its second round, 76West is one of the largest competitions in the country that focuses on supporting and growing clean energy businesses. 




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