Energystics technology employs a radically different method of harvesting and converting environmental vibrational energy sources into electric power. The science of rotary turbine electric power generation from hydroelectric and fossil fuel sources has advanced to become the pre-eminent source of electrical power in the world for many years. However, the art of converting environmental vibrational sources of kinetic energy into electrical power via the linear electric generator (LEG), used because of its simplicity and suitability to oscillating linear vibrations, is much less developed. Vibratory sources of energy such as ocean waves contain vast amounts of clean zero carbon footprint energy that is as of yet relatively untapped. However, wave energy, the largest source of vibrational energy known, involves a very difficult operating environment and thus the development of this energy source has been problematical.







Rafael Aguayo

A profoundly different proprietary LEG has been developed protected by interrelated multiple issued patents. Its primary feature consists of a specially developed magnetic field configuration that simultaneously employs highly compressed repulsive magnetic fields coupled with the focusing of these magnetic fields using the magnetic fields themselves rather than customary high weight ferromagnetic structures. We thus call this innovation Compressive Repulsive Magnetic Field Technology (CRMFT). Advantages of this electromagnetic vibratory power source, trademarked as the Vibristor®, include:

  1. Intense focused highly compressed magnetic fields within the space enclosing the coil windings;

  2. Total elimination of magnetic field leakage into space surrounding the armature coils;

  3. The production of intense radial magnetic fields in small spatial volumes limited only to magnetic saturation limits of available ferromagnetic alloys;

  4. Confinement of magnetic fields to the smallest spatial volume containing the total amount of magnetic flux generated by the entire LEG leading to small devices with a decrease in the mass of copper used and higher generated watts of electric power per unit volume;

  5. Total generator magnetic flux, number of magnets and coils, and generator dimensions are essentially unlimited;

  6. Repulsive paired magnets with fields contained by optimized shared pole pieces produce short parallel magnetic circuits
    with reduced magnetic resistance enhancing total radial flux produced per magnet;

  7. The field emanates perpendicularly from the entire cylindrical surface of the magnet stack;

  8. Optimal ratio of coil width to magnet thickness minimizes coils producing no power at any instant;

  9. An electromagnetic mechanical braking system protects against large rogue waves or vibrations;

  10. A patented assembly mechanism facilitates repulsive magnet stack assembly; and

  11. Extreme mechanical simplicity of the generator requires no exotic materials or structures.

No other linear electric generating power source has this unique combination of features for radically improved power conversion efficiency with higher energy densities and power production per unit of device space and weight using standard, low cost, off the shelf, rare earth magnetic, ferromagnetic, and armature coil components. The efficiency of energy conversion by this LEG significantly improves linearly over other designs as its length increases with arbitrarily larger number of magnets and coils in an optimized numerical ratio. No heavy focusing ferromagnetic structures with their power losses from hysteresis and eddy currents are used.

While initially the intent of this technology was to employ it as a vertical LEG nucleus for an ocean wave energy converter (WEC) to harvest wave vibratory kinetic energy of ocean waves into electric power with extreme mechanical simplicity and high reliability, it became quickly apparent that it can be used to capture any environmental source of vibratory energy because of its huge flexibility of scale.  This exponentially scalable vibratory LEG is suitable for eventually being a generic component in power systems of all sizes from tiny micro-sized generators powering low power electronic circuitry to large scale devices that can be used to produce grid-scale amounts of electric power. Large devices can be used singly or in ocean wave energy harvesting farms of several devices. Land vibratory energy sources such as wind can be harvested. The list of suggested potential applications is rapidly growing. With no known negative environmental impact and designed to survive the harshest environments such as the ocean, this platform technology has the potential to decrease carbon emissions, lower energy production costs, reduce hydrocarbon imports, and the device is suitable for mass production enhancing local expansion of industry and job creation – characteristics all indicative of a potentially transformative and disruptive source of alternative, inexhaustible, clean energy.