Edgewise energy

Edgewise Energy provides next-generation energy technology for residential and commercial usage, including solar, fuel cells, battery storage and distributed generation solutions. Edgewise expects to provide both immediate and long-term solutions for clean energy generation via technologies that range from residential backup power to advanced clean fuel cell power generation and storage. The company has developed a series of strategic relationships and exclusive agreements to introduce these technologies to Long Island, New York State and beyond.








Sammy Chu

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Edgewise presents an opportunity, to introduce at scale, new battery storage and fuel cell technology to contribute to the New York’s rapid transition to clean energy production.  Record numbers of photovoltaic systems have been installed using government and utility subsidies, most often as grid-connected, net-metered systems with no storage capability. This configuration has presented a vexing problem for utilities and regulators. These solar systems may reduce carbon emissions while producing power, but utility peak load (and a household’s) generally lasts for hours beyond their generation period. This means fossil fuel turbines must be dispatched to satisfy this demand at the worst possible time and at the highest possible rates. The Edgewise system solves this problem.

In addition to providing a solution to demand response and clean energy generation goals, Edgewise will provide an immediate alternative to existing residential backup power solutions.  Edgewise technology will not only provide a more stable, cleaner, and more reliable option to backup generators.  At scale, volume installations will be a welcomed asset to the next generation of micro grid design.  Edgewise holds the exclusive rights to distribute and install the sub-12 kWh/day WATT Fuel Cell system within the United States, as well as the rights to distribute the Adara Power System for energy storage throughout New York