Bonded Energy Solutions

Bonded Energy Solutions is a turnkey, cloud- based, wireless, automated, customizable, efficient steam-heat control system solution provider. Their product, SteamTech solves the problem of imbalanced heat distribution throughout a steam-heated building by installing thermostats and replacing old radiator air vents with new wireless vents that open and close automatically to provide heat when you need it... where it’s needed. SteamTech installs quickly and easily, even during the heating season, immediately increasing comfort. SteamTech pays for itself in less than 3 years through building-wide energy savings. 

Bonded Energy has designed and developed a patent pending, unprecedented variation of the traditional thermostatic radiator valve that in part, creates a cloud-based Building Management System (BMS) that creates zones in steam heated buildings. The control system provides users with a thermostat to set temperatures for each heating zone independently through the Internet and modulate what temperature each room in the building is maintained at. The dynamic system modulates radiator heat output based on need. Rather than replace radiators when upgrading building insulation, the BES Steam Tech System allows radiator heat output to be controlled based on need just like any other modern heating system.  The system optimizes heat delivered eliminating under heated and overheated spaces.

The BES Steam Tech system helps existing steam heated buildings meet minimum acceptable energy benchmarks while saving money, and improving air quality and the environment. The BES product addresses cost and accuracy issues associated with required municipal reporting requirements such as NYC Local Law 87.

The Steam Tech sensor and actuator array creates a cloud-based BMS that provides a wide variety of energy usage reports and system component predictive failure alerts.

The BMS is legacy equipment compatible, cost effective, and easy to install. It allows users to zone out a steam-heated building without additional piping or conversion to hydronic systems. Installation is simple using rapid wireless internet integration (<2minutes per device on average). Using industry partners with a proven track record for data security and storage, BES delivers performance and usage data both in real time and with long-term lookup capabilities (>10yrs.). The interactive, cloud-based BMS provides advanced maintenance diagnostics, continuous commissioning, point source control, and building performance reporting. The modular design allows the technology to expand beyond steam into other markets.

The BES Steam Tech system is currently in a beta testing phase.