Re-Nuble uses a capital light, patent pending process to transform vegetative/food waste into non-toxic, liquid hydroponic nutrients that help boost hydroponic yields at a fraction of the cost of chemically based alternatives. Our proprietary process enabled by technology allows us to convert food waste into a cheaper, highly sterile and stable, organic-based liquid fertilizer for the indoor agriculture industry. We are focused on the commercialization of formulas and technologies to turn food waste streams into biobased materials for indoor growing systems. In doing so, we aim to create completely sustainable, closed loop food and plant production systems.



Tinia Pina


Re-Nuble takes a decentralized, novel approach to solve the food waste, food scarcity, and the global natural resource depletion problem. Our unique advantage is that we can reclaim our raw materials needs from food waste and recreate standard chemical fertilizer products at locations closer to the farmers that will buy our products. This enables us to significantly cut down on distribution costs, transfer savings to customers, and minimize our carbon footprint at the same time.