We are working on applications of high temperature superconductivity in electric power and military industries. NextSwitch goal is commercialization of RF-assisted superconductor switch technology.


Slowa Solovyov

The product is a superconducting device which in the "on" state can transmit large amount of electrical energy without loss. The device can rapidly, within 5 milli-seconds, interrupt the flow of energy when an emergency, such as fault, occurs. The device can be stacked and programmed to operate at a specified current level and limit the fault current to a pre-determined value. This achieved by coupling superconducting elements with flat radio-frequency (RF) coil. A RF pulse drives the superconducting element into the normal state, ensuring a uniformity and speed of operation which cannot be achieved otherwise. The deliverable of the project is scale-up of an operational prototype to a micro-grid level and development of a product compatible with IEEE -1547 standard for the distributed grid. This technology was developed within Brookhaven National Laboratory.