Enterprise data centers are today's factories but they are unprecedentedly chaotic and complex.  Our intelligence software models and analyzes them for large-scale optimizations and transformations.



Nikolai Joukov

Enterprise IT is heterogeneous and complex with millions of components depending on each other in a variety of ways.  Our software platform automatically models corporate IT environments and solves large-scale real-life problems ranging from power optimizations to cloudifications, better technical support, reliability and security optimizations, business analytics, etc.

Servers consume 1-2% of all electricity in the US.  Estimates show that 30% of corporate servers are comatose (running servers with no business use).  Our topological IT modeling system can be used to identify such servers automatically and can help to plan relocations of datacenters to other regions with cheaper electricity, consolidate many datacenters into fewer datacenters, cloudify and virtualize servers.  Said projects are expensive and risky for the businesses.  Proper automated planning can make relocation/consolidation/cloudification/virtualization a lot more attractive.