Brimes Energy is bringing to the world ocean wave energy harvesting machines through research and partnership with the power industry. Brimes Energy is a group of engineers and investors dedicated to inventing and manufacturing devices that solve some of our energy problems. Brimes Energy has a manufacturing facility in place, with in-house CNC milling and turning machines, 3D printer, heavy welding tables, welding and fabricating capability.



Ram Maramara

Our first problem to tackle is how to efficiently capture wave power using a Hydro Kinetic Marine energy device that produces energy from the constant movement of water (i.e. ocean waves). The Jellyfish is a machine that Brimes Energy has developed based on the success of the Salters Duck in the laboratory. The Salter’s Duck, developed between 1972-1982 by Dr. Stephen Salter, is an impressive research experiment that achieved up to 81% efficiency in harvesting energy from (ocean) waves. However, there were serious limitations. 1. Complexity of the power train, 2. Device must be wave facing to ensure optimal efficiency (any angle change and the efficiency drops). 3. Complex and constantly changing mechanical parameters. Because of these reasons, as well due to shifting energy costs at the time, this technology was never taken from the laboratory. Many companies have subsequently developed their own unique designs, with some achieving certain levels of commercialization, but nothing has been developed that has come close to the efficiency of the Duck. We at Brimes Energy chose to continue the development of the Duck. The goal is to keep all that we have learned about the original design and make it practical.
From the Salters Duck, it evolved to become the Jellyfish. The Jellyfish is a proprietary design developed by Brimes Energy with several provisional patents applied based on this new technology. It is based on the geometry and functionality of the Duck. But the similarity ends there. Compared to the Duck, the Jellyfish is less costly to manufacture, install, maintain and repair. Unlike the Duck ,the Jellyfish is scalable, a 1W, 1KW or 1MW Jellyfish uses the same proprietary technology to generate electricity as efficiently as possible. The Jellyfish has also been designed to absorb off angle waves. Because of the simplicity and efficiency of the design, the Jellyfish has attracted the interest of the US Navy and another large defense contractor with the intention of building a full scale, grid connected Jellyfish.